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Sika – Trusted Specialty Chemicals Company for Sika Waterproofing, Sika Epoxy, Sika Grout, Sealant & Bonding, Protective Coating, Structural Strengthening & Concrete Repair. Explore the extensive range of high-quality Sika products, including Sika waterproofing solutions and Sika PU waterproofing. With a leading position in the industry, we pride ourselves on innovative systems and top-notch product development. Choose Sika for reliable and effective solutions in construction and beyond.”

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sika waterproofing , sika grout | sika grouting | sika epoxy,
Nama ProdukPack sizeTDS
Antisol S20 kg
Intraplast Z20x750 g
Rugasol C200 kg
Rugasol C20 kg
Sika Fiber600 g
Sika Separol 10200 L
Sika Separol 1020 L
Sika Viscocrete 3115N200 L
Sika Viscocrete 3115N20 L
Sikacrete W8 kg
Sikament LN240(200) kg(L)
Sikament LN20 kg
Sikament NN240 kg
Sikament NN20 kg
Sikaset Accelerator250 kg
Sikaset Accelerator20 kg
Nama ProdukPack sizeTDS
Intraplast ZT20 kg
Sika Anchorfix12x300 ml
Sika Ferrogard 903+23 kg
Sika MonoTop 613 IND25 kg
Sika MonoTop-614 HS20 kg
Sika MonoTop 615 HB25 kg
Sika MonoTop 91025 kg
Sika Rokkon C30x300 mm
Sika SealTape B20 m
Sikabond NV200 kg
Sikabond NV10 kg
Sikacrete 08 SCC ID35 kg
Sikacrete Gunite 10320 kg
Sikadur 1 MP8 kg
Sikadur 31 CF Normal (AB)6 kg
Sikadur 41 CF Normal (ABC)11 kg
Sikadur Aggregate 51010 kg
Sikagard 700S ID15 L
Sikagard 720 EpoCem HC (ABC)21 kg
Sikagard Elastocolor-675 W Ral 703215 L
Sikagrout 200 PT20 kg
Sikagrout 20120 kg
Sikagrout 214 1125 kg
Sikagrout 215 M25 kg
Sikagrout 215 New25 kg
Sikagrout 280 HS25 kg
Sikagrout FM25 kg
Sikagrout UW-id20 kg
SikaLatex200 kg
SikaLatex20 kg
SikaQuick 2500 ID20 kg
Sikatop 121 (AB)25 kg
Sikatop 122 (AB)30 kg
SikaTop 77 D200 kg
SikaTop 77 D20 kg
SikaTop Armatec 110 (ABC)20 kg
Nama ProdukPack sizeTDS
G2 Membran10x1 m
Sika Hydrotite4x10 m (Roll)
Sika 1150 kg
Sika 120 kg
Sika 1024x5 kg
Sika Flexoplast ID20 L
Sika Flexoplast ID200 kg
Sika Injection-101 RC (AB)22,5 kg
Sika injection-201 CE (AB)20,6 kg
Sika Waterbar Type V-15 M20 m (Roll)
Sika Waterbar Type V-20 M20 m (Roll)
Sika Waterbar Type V-25 M20 m (Roll)
Sika Waterbar Type AR-25 M20 m (Roll)
Sika Waterbars Type O-15 M20 m (Roll)
Sika Waterbars Type O-20 M20 m (Roll)
Sika Waterbars Type O-25 M20 m (Roll)
Sika Waterbars Type O-32 M15 m (Roll)
Sika Waterbars Type V-32 M15 m (Roll)
Sikadur 752 (AB)10 kg
Sikadur Combiflex SG20P25 m (Roll)
Sikaproof Primer20 L
SikaSwell S20x600 ml
SikaTop 107 Plus (AB)36 kg
SikaTop 109 Elasto (AB)35 kg
SikaTop Seal 107 (AB)25 kg
SikaTop Seal 107 A5 kg
Nama ProdukPack sizeTDS
Fibreboards10 mm
Fibreboards12 mm
Fibreboards19 mm
Fibreboards25 mm
Foamlex d=8bmm1000 m
Foamlex d=10 mm100 m
Foamlex d=13 mm100 m
Foamlex d=15 mm100 m
Foamlex d=20 mm100 m
Foamlex d=25 mm100 m
Foamlex d=30 mm100 m
Igas B New200 kg
Igas B New20 kg
Sika Fillerboard-50 PE10 mm
Sika Fillerboard-50 PE20 mm
Sika Hyflex-100 transparent C40/20 UP600
Sika Hyflex-105 C6004/12
Sika Hyflex-105 C295/20
Sika Hyflex-305 EU, 20 UP600 (Bronze/Transparant/Ivory)
Sika Hyflex-305 KR, 20 UP600 (Grey S4/WhiteGrey S1/Grey S3/Black/Grey S6)
Sika Hyflex-300 KR, 20 UP600 Transparant C295
Sika Primer 206GP1000 ml
Sika Primer MB (AB)10 kg
Sika Primer-3N1000 ml
Sikabond AT Metal Grey12x300 ml
Sikabond T-559x2 kg
Sikaflex 11 FC20x310 ml
Sikalflex Connection20x600 ml
Sikaflex Pro 3 WF Grey20x600 ml
Sikaflex TS Plus Black20x600 ml
Sikaflex-402 Airport (AB) Black19 L
Sika Hyflex-14020x600 ml
Sika Hyflex-16020x600 ml
Sikasil 670 Fire C29520x600 ml
Sikasil 728NS20x600 ml
Sikasil Pool12x300 ml
Sikasil-728 SL Gray4,5 gal
Nama ProdukPack sizeTDS
Chapdur Natural25 kg
Chapdur Green25 kg
Chapdur Grey25 kg
Chapdur Red S24 kg
Sikacrete Floor Level25 kg
Sikafloor Level FO25 kg
Sikafloor 2 Syntop 2 SCD25 kg
Sikafloor 2 Syntop 225 kg
Sikafloor Proseal 2220 L
Sikafloor Curehard 24200 L
Sikafloor Level 50 (AB)35 kg
Sikafloor Proseal 22200 L
Sikagard 155WN30 kg

*Sika Antisol S
Curing Compounds
Pack Size : 20kg & 220kg

Deskripsi :
A liquid curing compound for the preventing of premature water loss in concrete.

More about SIKA products?
Advantages of Sika Waterproofing Solutions for Construction 
When it comes to waterproofing solutions, Sika is a trusted choice with a lot of advantages. If you need to keep water inside or outside structures like tunnels, bridges, or balconies, Sika’s products are designed to meet the most challenging requirements, and make sure of long results.
Also, one of the areas where Sika is very good is in providing waterproofing systems for drinking water facilities. Our solutions are perfect with the most stringent drinking water approvals, make sure of the safety and quality of water storage and distribution.
Moreover,Sika goes beyond traditional waterproofing solutions by offering the best products to address specific site conditions. if you are dealing with microbiological and chemical attacks, require high mechanical resistance, or are looking for environmentally sustainable options, Sika has developed products to meet your unique needs.
In addition, at Sika, we understand that every project is unique, and we take an approach to waterproofing. From planning to final step, we consider every detail to make the best results. Whether you are working on a new build or renew a project, our solutions are suitable for specific requirements.
With experience, Sika offers more than products; We provide complete system solutions. When you choose Sika for your waterproofing needs, our knowledge and big experience will add a great value to your project.
In conclusion, Sika waterproofing solutions provide good trusted work for many kinds of construction projects. with sika, you can be confident of achieving a great results.